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what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had

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pros to dating me:


  • i’ll actually respond to your text
  • you can literally kiss me whenever you want (esp random neck kisses like yes please)
  • we can hold hands
  • butt touches
  • cuddles? ? ? yes good
  • i’ll play with your hair or vise versa
  • you don’t have to worry about me liking other people because i’m annoyed by almost everyone
  • we can eat pizza togethercuddl

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why fall in love when you can fall back asleep??

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maybe i should send you a bill for all my time you wasted 

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Sometimes I drink too much vodka or eat three servings of macaroni and cheese in one sitting but the worst habit I have is blaming myself for what you did (via courtneykrystek)

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